Thousands of workers in Aotearoa have lost their jobs and their livelihoods because of the coronavirus pandemic. The government has provided generous wage subsidies to employers as well as loans. This money is our tax money and is given to employers to pass onto their workers.

Unscrupulous bosses are ripping their workers off.

We need your support to get our campaign bus on the road. We fight for workers who are exploited and abused. Your generous koha will help us expose the most horrific cases of workers’ exploitation. We can then win quick justice for victims.

We support shared sacrifice, but not calculated exploitation and greed by the few against the many. Most workers have nowhere to go to seek justice or protection.

This exploitation and abuse must be stopped before it takes hold in our workplaces.

We are partnered with One Union and the Migrant Workers Association. We support their ongoing fight to win justice for all workers, by publicly campaigning and holding to account employers of the mistreated workers they represent.

The Rise of UTU

UTU is a new fighting force that is a uniquely Aotearoa response to this exploitation. It takes the best lessons from social justice struggles led by Maori and working class people.

This new movement is not only named UTU — it is also driven by the UTU principle of reciprocation and balance. To maintain our mana we will declare war on those who mistreat others. We will specifically seek restitution and compensation from those who exploit their workers.

To recognise these two strands, the new movement’s full name will be UTU — United Trade Unionists Network.

We call on all people to unite and work together as brothers and sisters in this struggle.

Specifically, we will publicly expose and name unscrupulous employers who exploit and mistreat our fellow citizens during this crisis. We will organise the local communities, where such abuse takes place, to take direct actions against these perpetrators. Our campaign will be relentless.

A new world is here. We must not let the greedy use this crisis to steal from the rest of us.

A Call to Arms

We need people like you who are committed to social justice to step up now. Our campaign will need volunteers — those who can help us online and those who can turn up and help us on the street. Will you put your hand up and join the UTU squad?

Leave your email and details. We will get back to you promptly.


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